Melee weapons are among the simplest in a multitude of ways to slaughter other players in the crepid wastelands of what was once San Andreas.

Each weapon has an infliction bleed rate and a knock-out chance. Read more about how health works here.


Most blunt melee weapons like the Baseball Bat or Pool Cue are less effective at making the victim bleed but have a higher chance to knock them out. These are the most common to find and are best for getting your enemy down on the ground, but may not be the best choice if you're looking to get the job done quickly. Despite this downside, the increased chance to knockout can make it easier to immobilise enemies.


Sharp melee weapons such as the Knife or Sword have a lower chance to knock-out but will cause very fast bleeding. Sharp weapons are intended for weakening a player and inflicting long term damage. Sharp weapons are generally found in civilian and industrial areas depending on the type.

Stun GunEdit

The Taser is a close-range contact taser (as oppose to a ranged pistol-like variant) doesn't inflict wounds on your target but rather a very powerful buzz that will leave them shocked for a minute.