Nothing like a relaxing camping trip during the apocalypse!

The Scavenge & Survive Game

Scavenge and Survive is a San Andreas Multiplayer server mod, a PvP survival game where everyone is pitched against each other. Supplies are scarce and everyone is willing to kill for the same goals! Safety in numbers is key to survival, but trust is hard to find.

The game is run by the players. All rules and events are determined by players, not staff or devs.

There are currently no official Scavenge and Survive servers running, Southclaws is working on a large update.

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The Wiki

This Wiki will document all the available items and most of their common uses or craft combinations. Some things are left for the players to find but there's nothing against anyone writing about their findings on this site!

For a version list and updates, check out the Changelog page.

For translations of pages on this site, go here to the Category:Translations page.

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