Vehicle's Fuel Meter above Vehicle's Health Meter.

Fuel is essential if you plan to use a vehicle in the game, vehicles constantly use fuel while their engine is running, and that usage increases as you accellerate. Fuel consumption is all based on velocity and a constant amount fuel is removed while the engine is running, this means you will get further if you drive faster as the engine is running for less time.

Different VehiclesEdit

Each vehicle type has a unique fuel capacity value and fuel consumption value, generaly larger vehicles such as trucks, planes or helicopters have a larger capacity but use fuel faster and small vehicles such as cars or bikes have smaller fuel tanks and use fuel much slower.

Choosing your vehicle depends mainly on what's available, but also on what you plan to use it for. If you want a light, nimble and fast vehicle for making quick supply runs, you'd probably be best to go with a motor bike. If you plan on long taking journeys often then a travel bike such as a Freeway or Wayfarer will do, or a larger car or pickup truck.

Large trucks are useful as they can pull trailers, which have a very large capacity for items. They are good for long journeys but use fuel fast, refuelling with 20L petrol cans can take time.


The act of refuelling requires a Petrol Can and a Fuel Outlet, such as a gas station (there are two in San Fierro). Petrol Cans can be found in industrial areas or in the backs of vehicles.

  • To fill up a petrol can, stand next to a Fuel Outlet while holding it and hold the Interact Key (Default F/Enter), if the Fuel Outlet has fuel in it, a progress bar will appear showing how full the petrol can is.
  • To refuel a vehicle, stand in front of the vehicle (the same place you would stand to repair or change a wheel) and hold the Interact Key (Default F/Enter), if the petrol can has fuel in it and the vehicle isn't full already, a progress bar will appear showing how much fuel is in the vehicle's tank. (Depending on what the capacity of the vehicle's tank is, the bar will move at different speeds for different vehicle types)

Development PlansEdit

Allow players to remove the fuel from a vehicle and put it into a petrol can.