This page isn't updated any more. You can access code changelogs at GitHub or check this forum for non-code related gameplay updates.

Format: "(Year) - W(week number)" for instance 13-W10 is the tenth week of 2013.

Version Description
2014+ Development continues, however this page isn't updated any more. You can access code changelogs at GitHub or check this forum for non-code related gameplay updates.

Development is on hiatus until further notice.


Big changes to medical items.

Boring bugfixes, see GitHub for more in-depth details.


Improved player report and bug report tools and increased the character limit for both.

Fixed a small bug that would allow campfires to be picked up while food was on them.

Fixed a bug that would delete a defence part if it was picked up in the building process.

Added durations to bans, this will cut down on ban appeal spam.

Fixed some issues with knockouts.

Added new Defences, tweaked spawn rates and hitpoints.

Lowered the spawn rate for Fireworks, keeping a base should be easier.

Fixed a bug that would result in your bag disappearing if you unholstered a weapon and hit Unequip Key (Default Y) quickly.

Added back the ability to holster/unholster/swap weapons/items while running.

Fully implemented Vehicle Locksmithing, go try it out and protect your car!

Disabled crowbar lock breaking on vehicles locked with a locksmith kit. In future I plan to add some (harder) method of breaking into vehicles that were locked by players.


Fixed an issue with the grey progress bar and red bleedout bar not displaying.

Fixed an issue allowing players to hijack locked vehicles.


Added Locksmith Kit and Vehicle Locksmithing to lock vehicles from the outside. See Combining for new recipes for locksmithing.

Fixed some issues with "/profile" command and removed IP address from it.

Knockouts are now saved with character accounts and will continue after relog.

Added permanent muting for those extra annoying players!


Fixed a bug with disarming a player while there was another disarm-able player nearby. The player with the highest ID was disarmed whereas any others would have their items deleted.

Fixed a bug with the knockout timer UI not working while in a vehicle.

Fixed a bug with genders on newly spawned characters.

Added Mailbox melee weapon.

Almost added vehicle locking!

Disabled eating/drinking while near trunks. You can now press Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to open a trunk while holding food/drink and you won't eat the food!

Added more tooltips for repairing vehicles.


Lots of internal changes, updates and bug fixes.

See here for more info.


Made the Face slot inventory tile functional, you can now wear masks!

Added Gas Mask and Hockey Mask items.

Made Zorro Mask a mask item instead of a hat item.

Added Top Hat to spawn index, if you're gonna be a bandit, at least do it in style.


Southclaw has more naps, draws foxes, plays guitar and eats pizza.

Updates are likely to come once every two weeks, development is slowing down now that the game is almost finished! Updates will also mostly consist of content rather than features (such as new areas and items).


Added Supply Drops.

Tweaked weapon damage for the Rifle and Sniper, they now do 45DMG at long range meaning a long range shot requires 3 bullets to kill, the first initiates bleeding and possible knockout, the second will be a certain knockout and the third being the kill shot.

Tweaked weapon damage for the AK-47, each bullet now does 24DMG instead of 28DMG at glose range meaning the shots to kill is now 5 instead of 4 (on an unarmed, full health target)

Tweaked weapon damage for the M9 and M9SD. The M9 now does 24DMG at close range instead of 31DMG, resulting in a 5 shot kill rather than 4. The M9SD now does 26DMG instead of 32DMG, meaning the shots to kill remains at 4.

Tweaked Ammo Tin spawning, now ammo tins will always have at least 1 round inside, instead of uselessly spawning with nothing.

Improved ammo transferring options, now if you're holding a weapon you can pick up any weapon of the same ammo type to collect it's ammo. This also works with ammo tins.

Disabled defence open/close animations if any players are standing on the object. This is to prevent players from abusing the animation to push them behind walls or up celings.

Made air vehicles spawn 10 meters higher than where they were saved to help prevent them from falling through server-side objects. Hopefully, while the vehicle is falling this will give the objects enough time to load the collisions.

13-W35 Southclaw has a nap.

Added loot items to Los Santos, thus making the entire map full of resources! Milestone video and info here!

Added more to the Area 69 interior, including more working/hackable doors and a place you can hack to access all the door codes.

Lowered spawn rates of sports cars from 100% to 10%.

Added a kick for being unfocused from the game (alt-tabbed, looking at another program/app) if you are unfocused for 1 minute, you are kicked. This is there for a number of reasons, mostly to save players from starving or being killed unknowingly, and to save server resources as well as stop false hack detection reports.

Fixed a bug with picking up signs while they are near other items.

Fixed the "/profile" command.

Lowered stream distances for campfire components, this means having lots of campfires shouldn't affect streaming of more prioritised objects such as oil rigs and defences.

Removed Tow Trucks and Fork Lifts due to bug abuse.

Added many more logging and administration tools, remember hackers, you are being watched and all your actions recorded... constantly!


Added Aimshout feature for chatting to people you're aiming at without typing (so you can continue aiming)

Lowered stream distances for tent components, this will help ensure that more important objects are prioritised for streaming.

Fixed some bugs with explosive items.

Lowered spawn rates for sports cars.

Added a kick for being tabbed-out / unfocused for over 60 seconds to save characters from starving to death, or getting killed as well as conserving server resources.

Added Large Backpack that has 9 item slots and more space for medium and large items.


Spraytags now save permanently! See someones name on a wall? You can spray over it if you get a spraycan!

Disabled surrender animation while falling, it could be exploited to take no fall damage.

Fixed the Shield it now protects from the right side if held, and from the back if holstered.

Increased the freeze time after login to 5 seconds to prevent lag-abuse by falling through floors or running through walls.

Added command "/profile <name>" to check the stats of any player.

Added a range of new stats to player accounts and characters:

  • Registration Date (will not work for already registered players)
  • Last Login Date
  • Total Respawns (Counting from this update)
  • Days Survived (Counting from this update)

Expect to see more stats soon!


You can now holster Taser and Shield items!

Removed a lot of weapons for holstering, only main Firearms can be holstered now.

Increased the level of protection offered by the shield.

Renamed Motion Mine to Trip Mine.

Added a new explosive type called the Proximity Mine.

Improved explosive scope, if a bomb is detonated inside a car, safebox, bag or even a player inventory, the explosion will now happen at that position. This opens up a whole load of new opportunities for using explosives tactically! If a vehicle has a phone bomb inside it that goes off, this will destroy the vehicle, all trunk contents and passengers!

Increased Combat Log time limit to 10 seconds. If you are shot at and quit the game less than 10 seconds afterwards, you will die and all your items will drop.


Improved the action-message for Safeboxes, Bags and Torsos, it now reads:

"Hold Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to pick up Press Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to open" for bags & boxes, and:

"Hold Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to pick up/harvest with knife Press Interact Key (Default F/Enter) to investigate" for torsos.

Added a tooltip for every item type, when tooltips are enabled, a short message explaining the item use will be displayed.

Added command "/tooltips" to toggle tooltip display when picking up items.

Hopefully fixed a bug that results in players logging in and spawning at Verdant Bluffs  (the place that your character is placed while you are in the SA:MP connection screen while your camera overlooks Verona Beach) Note: This bug happens very rarely and is almost certainly caused by lag so it is very difficult to test!

Improved the Dice item by making the probability of it landing on each side equal instead of random rotations (which would result in a high chance to land on 4 and 3 oddly enough) also added a small animation for dropping the item.


Added a new puzzle in San Fierro (read more here ) called Code Hunt, more of these will be added soon.

Added Save Block areas.

Fixed a bug with handcuffs, you could duplicate them if two people removed them from a player at the same time!

Changed the vehicle UI a bit, full health, locked doors and engine "on" now appears in Green not Yellow. Health now follows this pattern: Red>Orange>Yellow>Green.

Updated vehicle health behaviour, health now depreciates faster, engine stuttering is improved and both of those now happen when health is below 450 instead of 400.


Disabled vehicle surfing if the vehicle is travelling over 40km/h. If you are ontop of a car that travels this speed you will suffer a Knockout, lose some health and fall off.

Fixed a bug where the taser would cause bleeding.

Fixed a small bug with explosives not applying hitpoints to Defences properly

Fixed a bug where campfires would sometimes stop working after the first food item.

Actually made campfires remove fuel from a Petrol Can and disallow empty ones!

Fixed a bug where putting a wrench into your inventory while fixing would result in a possible full fix (up to 1000.0 vehicle HP)

Updated weapon magazine limits to more realistic and challenging amounts (very low!) read more on the Firearms page.

Updated Bottle to give food points (1 per sip)

Added Can that also gives 1 food point per sip.

Made food items less common.


Fixed bugs with Safeboxes and improved autosaves.

Fixed bugs with Vehicles saving and loading, increased vehicle limit to reflect current player base.

More hack detection features for admins.

Lowered vehicle spawn rate slightly (now currently at 4% for ~2200 spawn points)

Fixed bugs with weapons not loading if saved in your inventory (knife/pistols/etc)

Fixed a bug where moving weapon from inventory to container would sometimes delete it.

Fixed the position of the Receiver puzzle item.

Added a Workbench for a future update to crafting (secret preview for this available somewhere in Doherty building site!)

Made on-duty admins immune to damage and unable to damage others, attacking them still results in punishment!

Removed the "+#HP" UI element from the game, you will no longer see how much health bandages, medkits, etc will heal you in number form.


Updated server custom melee weapons (Wrench, Crowbar, Hammer etc) animations, damage and knockouts are all fixed.

Increased the draw distance of all ocean areas (oil rigs, islands, etc) to 3km, some of them can even be seen from the shore now. This update also fixes a problem where vehicles (such as helicopters) that were saved on these to spawn before the objects did, causing them to fall into the water.

Added some fun little easter eggs at SF train station and LV strip club as well as a derpy new item.

Fixed a bug with the Area 69 doors not working properly after being unlocked.

Fixed some bugs with armour going down when it shouldn't, it should now be only affected by bullet based firearms.

Changed the model for the Battery item to avoid confusion with the 5.56 Rounds ammo tin.


I'm back! With a lot of changelog stuff!

Changed a lot of weapon data, such as mag sizes and maximum ammo for almost all weapons. The most significant changes affected the M4 (renamed the M16) AK47 and Rifles:

M16: reduction in damage and mag size from 50 rounds to 30 rounds.

AK47: increase in range, reduction in damage.

Rifle/Sniper: These weapons now have the same stats, the maximum ammo is 5 mags (5 rounds in each mag makes that a 25 round limit, +5 that are already in the gun)

Apart from that, there were also some changes in loot spawns, seeing as the server is getting more popular and more players are exploring loot spawns more often, weapons have been lowered a lot. M9 pistols and shotguns are more common than anything else now.

You now can't find any weapons in industrial loot spawns apart from the Chainsaw.

Survivor loot spawns now have much less chance to spawn ANY weapons.

All these changes are in place to push the gameplay to a more survivalistic feel than just combat. There are plenty of freeroam deathmatch servers out there, SS is trying to be something different with a more diverse set of play styles other than combat.

In future, it will get a lot harder to survive, and trading with another player may be the only choice, making that trade will rely on trust so try not to get in anyone's bad books!

Oh, and I also added a Plant Pot for a future feature. No it won't be weed growing.

13-W23/24 I was very busy with college work, only minor updates and priority stuff :)

Updates to administration tools.

"/report" command is now improved, gives the following report options:

  • Online Player ID
  • Offline Player Name
  • Player that last killed me
  • Player closest to me

This will make reporting suspected hackers easier than it was with the absence of name tags.


Made all Fuel stations in the game world usable now.

Removed the LV oil rig.

Removed Linden Side survivor lockup.

Improved weather cycle: rain, sandstorm and fog are now less likely to happen where as sunny, dull and cloudy are more likely.

Many internal code updates that affect the game or staff members that most players won't really notice.


Added Ammo Tins.

Upgraded security system of Area 69.

Added Small Box and Large Box.

Added Power Supply.

Added Storage Unit.

Added Fluctuator Unit.

Added I/O Unit.

Added Flux Capacitor.

Added Data Interface.

Added Hack Interface.

Added Infection.

Much improved the functionality of Pills and Injector.

Replaced Aspirin Pills with Antibiotics that cure Infection.

Lowered spawn rates of Bandage and Medkit, made Pills and Injector more common.

Dramatically reduced the damage rate for vehicles by 90%, it now takes a lot more bullets to disable a vehicle.

Fixed problems with random Unconsciousness, when below 40 health points (50 if bleeding) you will suffer random knockouts, these become more frequent and longer the lower your health is.

Added a "/quiet" command which will block all incoming global chat from appearing in a player's chatbox. Useful if you just want to focus on local or radio chatter while there are a lot of players talking in the global channel.


Added Trucker Cap.

Added Boater Hat.

Added Bowler Hat.

Added Police Cap.

Added Top Hat.

All new hat items (except the Police Cap) can be found in civilian areas.

Added keypad and gate to the inside of K.A.C.C.

Added keypad and gate to the San Fierro Easter Basin Naval Base.

Added keypad and gate to the main entrance of Area 69 Air Base.

Added a new animation for healing other players.

Added vehicle door locking with Lock Key (Default 2).

Added radio UI access with In-car Radio Key (Default R).

Added "/help" list, old "/help" menu has been moved to /welcome as it was just a copy of the welcome message (lazy)

Added "/chatinfo" to explain the chat and radio to new players.

Improved the radio and chat system, you can switch from global or local to radio instantly with "/r" and your frequency will never be changed unless you change it manually. This makes switching between global local and radio much easier.

New rule introduced: "No global chat use if local or radio is available. (/chatinfo) You'll be muted for global spam." This is to ensure the global chat box doesn't get cluttered and flooded with unrelated chat text, players are now encouraged more to use radio channels and local chat.

Changed the repair values for each tool, wrench repairs to 450, screwdriver repairs to 600, hammer repairs to 750 and final wrench repairs to 990.

Screwdrivers can now be used to disarm motion mines.

BBQs are now a lot more rare. omgwtfbbq.

Campfires can now be used to cook food.


Added Cowboy Hat.

Enabled holstering for empty weapons, expect other items to be enabled for holstering (with Unequip Key (Default Y)) such as shields and tasers.

Fixed more bugs with weapons such as holstering, giving and disarming.

Added item combo (medium box + medium box) to allow players to create a Campfire.


Added Campfire item, it can now be used to cook food.

Added Tent functionality, it now saves 8 items that are within 2 meters (pretty much inside it) Useful for saving BBQs or Campfires in place.

Lots more bugfixes for the recently made new weapon code.


Added Tent Pack item which can be used to construct a Tent.

Lots or bugfixes for the recently made new weapon code.

Had a rest from development :)


Added loot spawns to Bone County

Added the ability to remove Defenses with a crowbar from behind one.

Added Keypad item.

Keypad can be used with an existing defense part to make it a passcode protected movable part, usable for doors.


Added the ability to enter the bag of another player by holding Interact Key (Default F/Enter) while behind them.

Added food properties to the Meat item, it can be cooked and eaten to receive 75 food points.

Added Gutting ability to harvest Meat from torsos with a Knife.

Server now restarts every 5 hours instead of 7 due to the increased player base.

Improved vehicle UI, damage is now shown in different colour states instead of a gradient which was harder to interpret into an actual damage state.

Handcuffs now drop if a player wearing them dies.

Hunger drop rate is now increased.

Armour items now spawn with random armour values, and when worn will only give that amount of armour instead of always giving 100 armour points.


Added the Watch that covers the map and displays some extra info.

Added a Handsup animation which can be used to surrender.

Added the ability to Disarm players if they are surrendering or knocked out.

Added the ability to disarm timebombs and phone bombs using a Screwdriver.

Re-named "Beer" item to "Bottle", expect to see new uses for this in future.

Molotov Cocktail throwables can now be crafted using a Bandage and Bottle.

Fixed a bug with putting items in a bag with Unequip Key (Default Y) that made you un-holster your holstered weapon.

Fixed item name bug with Clothes.

Limited admin duty ability by adding a 10 second cooldown.


"Forts Update"

Added Defenses which can be permanently built into the game world. Explosive items are added which can be used to destroy forts, these include Phone Bomb and Motion Mine (Which is an improved replacement of the Cap Mine)

Added Doctor's Bag and improved all medical items. Reviving knocked out players takes longer than healing.

Added a Parachute Bag which can be created with item crafting and improved the parachute item.

13-W11 Added melee animations and damage to Wrench, Crowbar, Hammer, Rake, Cane, Taser and Screwdriver. These weapons have a high chance to knockout victims, the taser has particle effect and a 100% chance of knockout/stun.

When a player dies, he will leave a Torso item. Tapping Interact Key (Default F/Enter) on this item will display how the player died, holding Interact Key (Default F/Enter) will pick the item up. How many trophies can you collect?

Weapon ammunition is now displayed inside the player Inventory and Containers .

13-W10 "Medical Update"

Added Bandage, Injector features, Drugs, Bleeding and Unconciousness. Made signs save their position and text across restarts.

13-W09 "Communication Update"

Added Radio to improve player communication options. Improved admin effectiveness while retaining balance and minimum opportunity for abuse with an admin "Duty" mode.