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Items are holdable objects, they come in all shapes and sizes and do a variety of things. Weapons are also classed as items and act in the same way. You can store items inside Containers or your own inventory if they are small enough.

Container Items[]

Items can even be containers themselves, such as the Patrol Pack or Backpack you can carry these, give them to other players and they are items, but use one (just like you use any item, with the Interact Key (Default F/Enter)) and they are suddenly a container! If you put one on your back it automatically links with your inventory for easy item management.

Other examples of container items are Safeboxes.

Combining Items[]

Items can be combined together to create new items, see Combining for more info.


there are almost 200 items currently in the game. If you think an item really deserves a page then actually create that page and fill it with information! If you do not know about an item, ask an established community member about the item and see if they can create a page for the item.

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