Defenses are items that can be constructed into the game world using tools such as the Hammer or Screwdriver. There are 10 different construction items with varying hit-points. Defence parts can be removed by using a Crowbar from behind (only one side can be used to removed a part so plan your buildings accordingly)

Finding DefensesEdit

Defenses can be found inside industrial vehicles such as trucks or vans. Defenses don't spawn in world loot piles as they would either intersect with buildings or vehicles and wouldn't fit in some areas, and they are too easy to see.


Construction can be done with two tools, a Hammer or a Screwdriver.

Each tool has a different effect on the construction, if you use a hammer the defense will be positioned _ horizontally, if you use a screwdriver the defense will be positioned | vertically. This allows the construction of roofs, floors, platforms and bridges.


Defenses can be destroyed using explosive items, the amount of hit-points a defense item has determins how many explosions can hit it before it is destroyed.

Here is a table of defence part hit points:

Item Name Hit Points
Door 1
Metal Panel 2
Surfboard 1
Crate Door 3
Metal Sheet 2
Ship Door 4
Metal Sheet 4
Metal Plate 3
Wood Panel 1
Wood Panel 3

Explosives that damage defenses are:

All items (10)